Delegate Code of Conduct

VICS delegates are expected to exhibit a high level of professionalism and diplomacy at all times. This includes treating conference staff and fellow delegates with courtesy and respect, as well as demonstrating maturity in speech, actions, and appearance throughout the conference. Additionally, delegates are expected to adhere to any and all applicable policies of the University of Virginia and laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of the United States of America.

Dress Code

VICS delegates must wear clothing that is both professional and modest. The dress code for VICS is Western Business attire. A business jacket, slacks (or skirts for women), and a dress shirt (with tie for men) are considered appropriate. Inappropriate attire includes clothing that reveals excessive bare skin or clothing that is meant for casual settings (e.g. jeans). Delegates whose clothing is considered inappropriate by VICS staff will be asked to leave their committee session and return in appropriate attire.

Committee Attendance

Committee attendance is expected of all delegates unless the delegation’s head delegate has notified the Secretariat in advance. Committee attendance will be enforced by roll call vote at the beginning of each committee session, and any missing delegate’s names will be reported to the VICS Secretariat for possible disciplinary action.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

VICS will not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, or disability. If any delegate or conference staff member believes they have encountered an instance of discrimination, they are advised to bring it to the attention of the VICS Secretary General.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Only those delegates age 21 or older may consume alcohol in Virginia. Open containers of alcohol may not be carried in public areas, including committee rooms and hallways. Furthermore, delegates found possessing or using illicit drugs, as defined by United States federal law, will be required to leave the conference immediately and may be held criminally liable.

Addressing Policy Violation

If a delegate is found to be in violation of any of the above conference policies, the VICS Secretariat may be alerted of the offense, and reserves the right to take disciplinary action including: suspension from conference activities, expulsion from all remaining conference activities, and dis-invitation of the individual delegate or delegation from subsequent VICS conferences. In some cases, the Secretariat will defer as necessary to the head delegate of the offending delegate or delegation for disciplinary action. In all cases where the Secretariat takes action, the head delegate will be alerted.

Inclement Weather

VICS XXIV is scheduled to take place from March 28th-31st, 2019 regardless of any unforeseen weather conditions. If a delegation chooses not to attend the conference because of inclement weather, we will be unable to provide refunds to the delegations.

Pre-Written Materials

Pre-written documents including but not limited to draft resolutions, press releases, communiqués, and directives are strictly prohibited at VICS. Although research is necessary to craft a strong position, delegates should not author collective action documents before the conference, as this only disadvantages delegates who receive their positions close to the conference date. We believe these pre-written documents undermine the spirit of collaborative diplomacy and academic rigor that we work hard to maintain at our conference. All Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Crisis Directors, and staff members are aware of this policy and will report any suspected pre-written materials to the Directors General.

Technology Use

The use of cellular phones, laptop computers, and other data-enabled devices is strictly prohibited during all VICS committee sessions. All research and preparation for the conference should occur prior to the first VICS committee session, and the use of technology during committee undermines the importance of this preparation. If a delegate is found to be using a prohibited device during any committee session, all VICS staff members reserve the right to confiscate the device and return it to its owner at the end of committee session.

Photography and Use of Conference Photographs

At VICS XXIV, clearly identified staff photographers will be present for portions of each committee session to document the conference. The International Relations Organization reserves the rights to these photographs, and may use them on conference publications or the VICS website. If any delegate wishes that their picture not appear on any conference materials or websites, he or she must inform the Secretary General. Likewise, if any delegation wishes to refrain from being pictured in conference materials or websites, the delegation’s sponsor should alert the Secretary General. As an added precaution, pictures likely to be used by IRO will be presented to all head delegates during the conference to be sure no unintended violation of privacy has occurred.

Fees and Refunds

The Delegation Registration Fee is non-refundable. Delegate fees, however, are refundable before the end of the regular registration period. If drops are made after this date, delegate fees are still owed in full. Please note, if your delegate number should increase after your initial registration, your school is held responsible for these fees just as if they were part of your initial delegation estimate. They must also be paid in full if drops are made after the end of the regular registration period. If you should have any questions regarding this refund policy, or if anything appears unclear to you, please contact the Secretary General or the Chargé d’Affaires before making any assumptions. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in March. Please also note that failure to make payment by the conference date will result in loss of conference spots. Continued non-payment will result in not being invited to future conferences and possible legal action.