Interested in debate, playing God, or meeting new people?

Are you a student at the University of Virginia seeking to get involved in Model United Nations, learn more about foreign affairs, or help generate hands-on diplomatic relations simulations? Apply to serve as a Vice Chair or Assistant Crisis Director or sign up to be a Crisis Analyst or Staffer for the Virginia International Crisis Simulation (VICS). VICS is a one-weekend crisis simulation hosted at UVA Thursday, March 26 to Sunday, March 29, 2020 by the International Relations Organization, and attended by over 400 college students from around the country. You'll also have the opportunity to meet students from other universities, establish valuable connections, and develop valuable skills.

No formal experience or prior knowledge is required and all those interested are encouraged to apply. All staff will receive proper training. Sign up today to help UVA manage and organize an incredible weekend of fruitful debate, meet students from other universities, and expand your skill set! Apply below!



DUE: Thursday September 19, 2019

Secretariat is the executive management team which plans and manages the entire conference. Duties are split up between different positions on Secretariat. Depending on your position on Secretariat you might contact and develop relationships with other schools attending the conference, guide committee teams both before and during the conference, recruit committee teams, order merchandise, secure rooms, manage VICS' social media and branding, or develop partnerships with businesses and charities in the community. Being on Secretariat is perfect for people interested in managing organizations, events, and people or with a vision to help improve the conference. Some MUN or event planning experience is recommended.

Chair or Crisis Director


Chairs and Crisis Directors develop the committee idea, produce preparatory materials for delegates before the conference, and manage committees and committee teams. Chairs focus on maintaining order and guiding debate in the committee room while Crisis Directors focus on building crises for the committee and managing delegate's personal crisis arcs. Both Chairs and Crisis Directors will work closely with their committee teams throughout the conference to accomplish these goals. Chairing or Crisis Directing is a good choice for those who have a bit of MUN experience under their belt and want to take the next step in becoming leaders of their committee. Some prior experience in MUN is recommended.

Vice Chair or Assistant Crisis Director


Vice Chairs and Assistant Crisis Directors work closely with committee Chairs and Crisis Directors (see available committees here) to create and introduce committee content. Vice Chairs assist to maintain order in the committee room and lead debate. Assistant Crisis Directors help to construct and deliver crises to which delegates will react. Vice Chairing and Assistant Crisis Directing is a good choice for those excited to work closely with committee material and to either apply foreign affairs knowledge or learn a lot in the process. No prior experience is necessary in either MUN or foreign affairs.

Crisis Analyst or Staffer


Crisis Analysts and Staffers work with committee teams during VICS weekend to help create exciting, congruent, and productive debate by serving as an extra pair of hands wherever they may be needed, either helping logistically in the committee room or pulling strings behind the scenes in the crisis room. Staffing is a great option for those looking to get a survey experience of Model UN and meet many people from across UVA and the attending schools. No prior experience is necessary in either MUN or foreign affairs.