Director General's Good Offices

For a third straight year, VICS is honored to present the Director General’s Good Offices as an ad hoc committee. As one of two ad hocs, DGGO will provide a challenging yet rewarding experience for both veteran and novice delegates. In the wild world of ad hoc, creativity reigns supreme, but only for the delegates who consistently prove their worth in and out of committee. While anyone is welcome to participate, this committee is not for the faint of heart. Twists and turns are the name of the game in DGGO, and those who successfully navigate these will ensure recognition from the dais. In short, keep an open mind and expect anything. See you all in March.


Chair | Geoff Keating

Geoff is a fourth year studying Biomedical Engineering and Foreign Affairs. He hails from Wilton, CT. After graduating, he is hoping to do Healthcare Consulting in the DC area. In his free time (like that’s a thing), He volunteers at the fire department and rescue squad here in Charlottesville. If that wasn't enough to do, he's extremely excited to work on creating a fantastic ad-hoc for VICS.

Matthew Slagley.jpg

Crisis Director | Matthew Slagley

Matthew Slagley is a third year from Richmond, Virginia double majoring in Foreign Affairs and Philosophy. Matthew has been doing Model UN since sophomore year of high school, and Model Congress for even longer. He just finished a term as the Undersecretary-General of Crisis Committees for UVa’s high school conference, VAMUN. Last VICS, he was the Crisis Director for RICS XXIII (the Rick and Morty committee) along with his Co-CD, Adi Sapre. While not debating philosophy, he enjoys going to concerts to see his favorite bands or rappers, watching all kinds of eSports (#Greenwall), watching Quentin Tarantino films, and traveling with UVa’s Model United Nations team.


Crisis Director | Adi Sapre

Adi Sapre is a fourth year who is currently studying Computer Science and Statistics with an interest in bringing real world solutions to life. He’s pursued the love of his life (Model UN) for 8 years and is really looking forward to continuing throughout college. Whenever you’re looking for him, you can be sure to find him at the nearest Chick-fil-a or Bodo’s (his second love), or taking long walks on the beach into the sunset. Adi looks forward to causing many problems for his committee and Director General this Spring.