Secretary General's Good Offices

The Secretary General’s Good Offices is VICS’s flagship Ad-Hoc committee. The topic and positions will be revealed a couple days before the conference, forcing delegates to act on instinct and their experience on the circuit. Real-life crises cannot be properly researched or prepared for in advance: only the true best delegates possess the correct mixture of skill, charisma, and passion to bridge divides, exploit weaknesses, and innovate solutions to the problems that we all face on a daily basis.


Chair | Kayta Sankow

Katya is a third year originally from Pittsburgh studying Russian and Eastern European Studies and Foreign Affairs. She will put aside looking at Putin memes for a couple days to chair this very exciting committee, and is excited to moderate some high-quality debate from some high-quality delegates. Aside from banging a gavel and feeling important, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking, sipping and spilling tea, and complaining about all her work but never doing anything.


Crisis Director | Emmett Stark

Emmett Stark is a third year studying Foreign Affairs and Arabic. Thai food and Taco Bell are admittedly his weaknesses but if these are used as crisis arcs in his committee you will be disqualified. All jokes aside he is an expert in lizard anatomy and spends the majority of his free time at the folklore emporium. Emmett is excited for the weekend of the conference and hopes for creative solutions to whatever the SGGO Ad-Hoc may bring.