Secretary General's Good Offices

The Secretary General’s Good Offices is VICS’s flagship Ad-Hoc committee. The topic and positions will be revealed a week before the conference, forcing delegates to act on instinct and their experience on the circuit. Real-life crises cannot be properly researched or prepared for in advance: only the true best delegates possess the correct mixture of skill, charisma, and passion to bridge divides, exploit weaknesses, and innovate solutions to the problems that we all face on a daily basis.

SGGO chair.jpg

Chair | Max Ferber

Maxwell is a first year student from Ladera Ranch, California. While he is currently majoring in Economics, he is also considering Public Policy, Max also spends his time playing and practicing basketball and soccer. Outside of Model United Nations, he is also involved with the Rotaract Club of UVA where he is in charge of events at the Martha Jefferson House. MUN is one of Max’s favorite things and he is excited to chair the best committee at VICS.

sggo cd.jpg

Crisis Director | Sean Rastatter

What’s up guys, My name is Sean Rastatter, I’m a third year at the university majoring in computer science and minoring in business. I’m very excited to be your crisis director for the Ad Hoc of the Secretary General at VICS XXIII. I can tell you now that you probably won’t guess the topic before it’s released. (Although, I will probably send extremely vague clues from time to time). The background guide will be released a couple days leading up to the conference – this is something new as traditionally the committee topic for the VICS Ad Hoc is not released until the morning of the conference. I want to use this bio to clear up a few things. I’ve been in a few ad hocs as a delegate for the UVa team, and it’s been my experience that ad hocs tend to attract a certain kind of delegate. I want this committee to be competitive, but not at the expense of the enjoyment of the delegates. This committee will be judged first and foremost on your ability to adapt to crises, so creative public and private directives are what we’re looking for. Please don’t be the delegate that tries so hard to get your name first on the sponsors list – cause honestly we couldn’t care less. I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem with “delegate sharking”, but I just had to put it out there – that’s not what we’re looking for. Our committee has a lot planned for you, including a number of social events (which I have yet to plan) outside of committee. In summary, it’s gonna be a lit, go Hoos.