The Fall of the Byzantine Empire: Total War

The reconquest of Constantinople by Michael III Palaiologos has inaugurated a rebirth for the Byzantine Empire, a new day and fleeting hope for a crumbling empire. Yet as the festivals fade, the Byzantines must accomplish the hard work of reestablishing economic ties with those in the Aegean and forging a powerful reputation amidst treachery and corruption within the royal court. As the Empire deals with decay from within, armies from the Seljuk Turks in the East and the Latins in the West ravage the far reaches of Byzantine domain and position themselves to lunge for Constantinople if the opportunity presents itself. Can the Byzantine Empire emerge as the jewel of the East once more or will it collapse into obscurity? Only time will tell.


Khrissa Chun

Khrissa is a second year Economics major from Woodbridge, Virginia. She has been participating in Model UN since her freshman year of high school, and she is ecstatic to continue her MUN experiences in VICS XXII! Last VICS, Khrissa served as the Crisis Director for Space Race: USSR, and she is excited to turn the tables as your Chair in the Fall of the Byzantine Empire. Outside of IRO, Khrissa can be found in football or basketball games with the Cavalier Marching Band, in a library frantically graphing supply and demand curves until sunrise, or pretending she speaks Spanish even though she should really be almost fluent by now. Khrissa eagerly awaits VICS this Spring when she can rewrite history with all you amazing delegates!

Crisis Director

Austin Gogal

Austin Gogal is a third-year from Falls Church, VA, majoring in History through the College of Arts and Sciences. His passion with International Relations stems from exploring historical events and the effect that they hold on current political and societal realities. He also has a keen interest in current politics both of the United States and of other countries, along with their contrast to historical political structures. Outside of IRO, Austin is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Council’s Diversity Initiatives Committee, and a member of the Rethink Education Program through HackCville. He also loves philosophical and political debates, playing basketball and hiking, and board and video games based around strategy.