The United Nations Security Council

Climate Change: the silent killer. The threat of a world uninhabitable by humans is ever present and ever-growing. As the UN Security Council, it is your responsibility to tackle this problem head on. You have the capacity, the right, and the duty to enact world altering change. Your actions in committee will determine the literal shape of the world and will directly impact our future. The year is 2017 and we are swiftly running out of time.

Your biggest concern should be for the people who this most directly affects: climate refugees. Current estimates predict that by 2050 there will be over 150,000,000 climate refugees in our world. If you don’t act now, we will face a refugee crisis on a scale that the world has never seen before. While this is the most pressing concern, delegates must also keep in mind the precarious power balance that this responsibility rests on. As the United Nations Security Council, however, you must be prepared to address any global crisis, in whatever form it comes. Global cooperation and compromise are imperative for effective change. Good luck delegates, the fate of the earth rests in your hands.


Caitlin Kwalwasser

Caitlin Kwalwasser is a first year at the University of Virginia hoping to study Foreign Affairs and Spanish. She was a delegate of Model United Nations throughout high school and is incredibly excited for this year’s VICS. While originally from the great state of New York, she has called the good ol’ Commonwealth home for the past few years. Besides participating in Model UN here at the University, Caitlin is very active around grounds as an investigator for the University Judiciary Committee and work with the Catholic Student Ministry. She is an avid ice cream and book enthusiast, but her true passion lies in debating international politics. She is incredibly excited to see compromise and cooperation throughout the upcoming committee sessions, and she looks forward to being your chair for what will be the best VICS yet.

Crisis Director

Vilas Annavarapu

Vilas Annavarapu is a first year at the University of Virginia studying Foreign Affairs. He hails from Newark, Delaware, and considers himself to be a Joe Biden enthusiast. Vilas considers himself to be a House of Cards aficionado, but outside of watching television he served as a youth issues adviser for a Delaware State Senator and participated in a mock government program throughout high school. Vilas visited Japan this past summer where he spoke to the Governor of Osaka, visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, and engaged in several discussions about the future of world stability. He is incredibly excited to serve as a Crisis Director for this years VICS and is looking forward to an engaging discourse in committee.