The Partition of India

1947: the year of reckoning. Possibly the most important year in the unfathomably long history of the jewel in the British crown. India, a country governed by British rule for the last 200 years faces a decision which will determine its future. However, with India being such a diverse country, implementing independence isn’t as easy as it seems. There are strong calls from the Muslim League for an independent state of Pakistan to be carved out of India. Religious tensions are at their peak. Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India, has been commissioned by the Crown to discuss terms of independence with you, the Indian leaders, and to smoothly facilitate Independence and partition. Will Partition take place at all, or will there be a free, united India? If the country is to be split, how will territory, military and economic resources be divided? How will the migration of millions be handled effectively? These are questions that require answers. There are fissures in the fabric of this country. A national identity needs to be established or the country needs to go through the unimaginably hard task of negotiating a partition. The country has pinned its hopes on you to decide its future. Your shoulders hold the burden of millions of Indians. Make it count delegates!


Aditya Seth

Hi! My name is Aditya Seth and I am a first year from Mumbai, India. I am very passionate about Model UN and international relations. I have been doing Model UN since the 9th grade and VICS XXII will be my tenth conference. I plan on applying to the McIntire School of Commerce and majoring in Finance and Management. I am also very interested in Religion and I’m currently studying Islam. Academics aside, I play tennis and cricket and I am involved with the Indian Student Association as well as the McIntire Sales and Trading Group at UVA. In my free time I read the economist and since I’m extremely passionate about food I love exploring and trying out different kinds of cuisines.

Crisis Director

Raul Gulrajani

Hi! My name is Raul Gulrajani and I’m a first year in the College of Arts and Sciences. I grew up in Mumbai, India. My primary interests include playing and watching soccer, listening to music, reading about economics, watching stand-up comedy and watching the ‘Ocean’s’ trilogy repeatedly. In terms of music, I’m especially inclined to Kanye, Coldplay and the Chainsmokers. My favorite cities are Madrid, New York and London. Work wise, I hope to either major in Economics or Commerce and have a deep interest in the business of sport. I’ve been involved in Model UN since high school and have really enjoyed the experience so far. I’ve met more people than I count can through it and have made friendships which I hope will last long. Its been a phenomenal experience so far and I can only hope VICS adds to it. The reason I chose to do this committee besides the fact that I’m Indian is due to the growing relevance of the incessant conflict between India and Pakistan. I enjoy discussing historical conflicts in a Model UN conference to see the kind of solutions we can come up with using the power of hindsight. I sincerely hope you enjoy discussing this topic and look forward to meeting all of you in March!