The Great Plague of London

The bustling heart of a nascent British Empire, London is a city primed to be the command center of a vast domain. However, it faces a threat greater than the Dutch or the French; it is a threat that comes from within. It is the threat of the Great Plague. Indeed, well into the 17th century, the citizens of the city are dropping like flies, incapable of fighting back against this mysterious and invisible murderer threatening their daily lives. No place is safe, and the people are becoming increasingly nervous and restless. There must be someone or something that is causing this, but whom? As the largest city in the British Isles, it is consequently the most populous, resulting in what is often cramped and filthy surroundings for its many urban poor. Such conditions hardly lend themselves to keeping its people even vaguely content, and the haunting question of whether or not one will survive another day have brought morale to an all-time low in the city. Indeed, this dangerous cocktail of disease and unrest are threatening to bring London to its knees in a time when it must be its strongest to spur on the growth of its empire. As such, King Charles has convened a special meeting of policymakers and experts to handle the crisis and save the city before it implodes. The dead are piling up on the streets, many are falling victim to disease, and many more are choosing to depart outright to avoid the dangers of the plague. Can you save London before all is lost?


Jaina Mehta

Jaina Mehta is a fourth-year originally from London, England. She has a passion for Foreign Affairs and is majoring in Global Security and Justice. Jaina began participating in Model United Nations when she arrived at UVA, both as a delegate on the travel team, and as a Crisis Director and Chair during VAMUN and VICS. She currently serves on the Executive Board of the International Relations Organization as the Secretary-General of VIGMUN (Virginia Inter-Generational MUN). In addition to IRO, Jaina is a member of Alpha Delta Pi and the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. Feel free to reach out to Jaina at


Crisis Director

Rohan Ahluwalia

Rohan is a second-year at the University, currently majoring in Economics and looking to apply into the McIntire School of Commerce. Originally from New Delhi, India, he has split his life between living there and McLean, Virginia. Outside of IRO, Rohan is a member of the Jefferson Society and is the Minister of Recreation at the International Residential College. He rabidly follows Manchester United and basically all DC Sports teams – in addition, of course, to the Indian National Cricket team. Rohan is very excited to use his past experience in MUN to create a riveting time for all delegates in one of the most fascinating periods in history!