The Society of Jesus: 1759

The year is 1759 and Jesuit reductions have spread throughout South America in the Portuguese and Spanish colonies. As “Soldiers of God”, they follow the goals set forth by Ignatius of Loyola, humbly lead the indigenous people of the New World into the arms of a loving God, and educate new generations of Christian men. With the Pope firmly at their back, the Jesuits are at their strongest. However, the monarchies of Europe begin to struggle for secular centralization of power, fearing the international strength of the Jesuits. Dealing with this existential threat and simultaneously trying to convert those under their domain by any means possible, prominent members of the Society of Jesus in South America convene to preserve their sacred mission.


Carolyn Ours

Carolyn is a third year studying Public Policy and Economics with a passion for bad jokes, Latin pop, and culinary experimentation. This will be her sixth conference in a Chair/CD role at UVa. Outside of Model UN, she is an intern with the Volunteers for International Students and Staff (VISAS) program, research assistant for the Politics Department, and a brother of Phi Sigma Pi. Carolyn looks forward to meeting the delegates at VICS and seeing their reactions to all sorts of crises.

Crisis Director

Shivani Saboo

Shivani Saboo, originally from McLean, Virginia, is a First Year hoping to major in Computer Science and minor in Business. She has participated in Model UN for seven years and served as a vice chair for VAMUN XXXVI. Outside of Model UN, one could find Shivani procrastinating her work by playing tennis, dancing, hanging out with friends, or binge watching Friends on Netflix. She is really excited and looks forward to a MUNderful weekend