The Secretary General’s Good Offices

The Secretary General’s Good Offices is VICS’s flagship Ad-Hoc committee. The topic and positions will be revealed the day of the conference, forcing delegates to act on instinct and their experience on the circuit. Real-life crises cannot be properly researched or prepared for in advance: only the true best delegates possess the correct mixture of skill, charisma, and passion to bridge divides, exploit weaknesses, and innovate solutions to the problems that we all face on a daily basis. For this year’s SGGO, we want to challenge delegates with something they will not expect – something that will make them question their allegiances. See you in March.


Gary DePalo

Gary is a fourth year Engineering Science major, concentrating in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Before dragging Adrien into the world of MUN, he had been raising placards and banging gavels since he was a high school freshman. Since coming to the University, he’s found his passion in conference planning. Formerly the Chief of Staff and Director-General of VICS, and most recently the Secretary-General of UVa’s high school conference, Gary has taken his administrative hat off for one last hurrah as Chair of the SGGO. He looks forward to pushing delegates to a new level of excellence, and making a ton of friends along the way.

Crisis Director

Adrien Carré

Adrien is a Fourth year studying Cognitive Science and Economics. He began his MUN career with VICS XIX when Gary asked him to staff for the Munich Massacre. A JCC and a Director-General run later, Adrien is very excited to direct the SGGO. He looks forward to wrapping up MUN with insightful debate, surprising crises, and excessive backstabbing. In his free time, Adrien enjoys cooking, dancing, and hanging out with his dog, Cosmo.