Attilla, The Scourge of God – Romans

The year is 450 AD, and the once mighty Roman Empire is growing increasingly more vulnerable. Over expansion, corruption, and economic troubles are the norm, and the fall of Rome has entered the minds of all its conquered peoples as not only a possibility but also an imminent reality. Adding fuel to the fire is the entrance of Attila the Hun, known to his enemies as the Scourge of God because of his ruthless tactics. Attila has begun to unite the Germanic tribes, who are now tired of centuries of Roman rule, in order to conquer Roman Gaul. Faced with the same aforementioned possibility, it is up to the Romans in Gaul to defeat the Hunnic advance before it can unify the tribes against the Romans. This is no small task, as the Roman military is not what it once was and will need to rely on the help of local tribes in order to defeat this new alliance. It will be up to you to preserve the glory of Rome by carefully preserving alliances, balancing interests, and executing brave tactics against the most grave threat ever to face the Roman Empire.


Charlie Ladd

Charlie is a first-year student in the College of Arts & Sciences from Alexandria, Virginia. He is undecided but is interested in possibly studying public policy or economics. He participated in Model UN throughout all of high school, in addition to playing football. Charlie’s interests include skiing, Chicago sports, and history. He is looking forward to a great committee!

Crisis Director

Balthazar Merrin

Balthazar Merrin is a first year here at the University of Virginia and is interested in pursuing a major in political science with a concentration in development. Born and raised in New York City, Balthazar has always been extremely interested in both fiction and historical writings and enjoys pursuing his interest in cooking during his free time. In addition to being a part of IRO, Balthazar is also involved with volunteering and the chess team.