The Rhodesian Bush War

In 1964, the Crown Colony of Rhodesia began a crackdown against communist organizations acting to establish majority rule in Rhodesia. The colony had the highest GDP and standard of living of any area in Africa but also operated as an apartheid state built on deeply ingrained racism and the “white man’s burden”. The war that followed was one of the most brutal of the post-colonial wars as it militarized all of society, isolated the region, and engaged in vicious counterinsurgency practices. This is what delegates will face in the days to come as they balance governing a militarized population with economic development as well as working to reduce growing isolation and racial divisions.

This committee will operate in only the most realistic and thoughtful fashion. Accuracy and attention to detail will be valued over speed.The expectations are high but so are the rewards for meeting them. For those of you who have the willpower to face this horror and indulge in the darker side of governance, we shall be seeing you soon.

Welcome to the bush. Out here, there is no mercy from anyone for anyone.


Audrey Fahlberg

Audrey Fahlberg is a first year from McLean, Virginia. Though she is currently undecided on her major, she is interested in history, foreign affairs and Spanish. She has been an avid participant in the Model UN circuit for five years now, (basically she has spent a significant portion of her life in WBA), and is excited to experience MUN from a chairing point of view. Outside of Model UN, Audrey loves to sing, participate in polemical dinner conversations, find dank memes and collect cow figurines from around the world. She is incredibly excited for VICS and cannot wait to see what all the delegates have in store for the weekend!

Crisis Director

William Truban

William Truban is a Fourth Year in the Batten School of Public Policy with a focus on foreign policy. When he is not busy distracting people from their work and doing work himself, William can be found running, swimming, watching the news while developing neck pain from shaking his head too much, as well as reading intensely an assortment of books ranging from Kipling to Conrad to Roy. This will be his last VICS and experience with MUN so William is excited to see how delegates adapt to asymmetric warfare and if they have what it takes to talk like, walk like, and act like a Rhodesian fighting for survival.