One Dark Knight: Gotham City Police Department

Gotham City is fraught with corrupt patrolmen, powerful mob families, crazy villains, and one Caped Crusader. While the Batman’s public opinion couldn’t be higher, the Police Department is losing credibility with the citizens of Gotham; many of the more cynical Gothamites wonder whether the city could survive without masked vigilantes and superheroes. While most policemen appreciate and rely on the Batman, they can’t depend on him to stop every crime in the city. The Dark Knight can only be so many places at once, and not every crime is committed by a clown. The rest falls to you.


Grant Oxer

Grant Oxer is a fourth-year majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Foreign Affairs. After tackling the future of the internet, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Space Race, he’s ready to take on another American icon: the Caped Crusader and the crooked city he calls home. And after serving as President of IRO, VICS’s parent organization, he knows what hard decisions face those in power. When his actions are not covered by Pow! Or Bam!, Grant can be found rewatching Archer or cheering on UVA’s Men’s Basketball team.

Crisis Director

Connor McLean

Connor McLean is a fourth-year majoring in a long acronym, philosophy, and minoring in history. He thinks writing about himself in the third person is awkward and uncomfortable. After being a Batman nerd for almost a decade, owning more Batman comics, video games, and pajamas than is financially acceptable, he’s ready to enforce his obsessive personality and encyclopedic knowledge onto some unsuspecting college kids. Connor, rather than being some fancy “President of IRO,” has focused on the really important stuff, like Joker’s Identity and which Robin is the best (he at least knows for sure it isn’t Jason Todd). He can’t wait to work with you.