Middle East Water Wars: The Nile River Basin

The Nile River is the longest river in the world, covering 6853 kilometers and 11 countries. Today, the Nile Basin has a population of 450 million, of which 200 million rely on the Nile waters for sustenance. The year is 2030, and you are a minister attending a special session of the Egyptian Cabinet. This year, Egypt is afflicted with a severe drought. The population of Egypt has grown considerably, and the population dependent on the Nile’s water has grown dramatically. For a century, Egypt has been over-reliant on the Nile for water. Now, the pressure on the Nile is immense. Citizens are furious over water rationing imposed by the government. The government is unable to meet industrial and agricultural water demands. Nations located upstream on the Nile have been experiencing economic growth, and intend to build hydroelectric projects and dams that will reduce the downstream flow of the Nile to Egypt. Additionally, warlords are emerging in distant Southern Egypt, fighting over control of the precious water. Your goal is to sustain the economy, maintain peace, and secure the future of Egypt.


Raleigh Zook

Raleigh Zook is a second-year from Ashland, Virginia. She is planning to double major in Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies. She has staffed and chaired VAMUN and was Vice-Chair for VICS XXI Nicaraguan Canal committee. She enjoys lectures and debates from the IRO and Alexander Hamilton Society, and is also involved with the VISAS program where she helps enhance the English skills of International students. This year she joined ROTC and plans to go into the army after graduating. She is looking forward to VICS this year.

Crisis Director

Ishaan Sachdeva

Ishaan Sachdeva is a fourth-year majoring in Biochemistry. His hometown is Fairfax, Virginia. Ishaan has been an Event Supervisor for the anatomy and physiology event of Virginia Science Olympiad for three years and has enjoyed creating memorable and challenging competitions in that realm. He is involved in research in neural stem cell differentiation and enjoys playing the violin. He looks forward to brining his experiences and passion for International Relations to VICS XXII and our Egyptian Cabinet committee.