Attila, The Scourge of God: Huns

It is 450 AD and Attila, known as the Scourge of God by his enemies, stands on the banks of the Rhine, ready to strike into the dying, but still formidable, Roman Empire. Decades ago, his people fled across the vast Eurasian Steppe to escape conquest by the expanding Chinese and Gokturk Empires, only to find themselves amidst the tribes of Germania. Utilizing innovations never before seen in Europe, like stirrups and the compound bow, the Huns have defeated all the Germanic tribes, either forcing them to fight as allies or driving them to seek refuge behind Rome’s frontiers. Though the Huns are formidable, their core population of Asiatic nomads is diminishing and they increasingly rely on their Germanic allies to maintain their fighting strength, but each year the winters grow longer, the summers grow shorter and the harvest brings less and less. For the Germanic allies, the Huns are a necessary evil: though Attila has burned their cities and slain their comrades, the undefeated warlord is their best hope of escaping the increasingly colder North and conquering the warm fertile fields of the Roman Empire. It is up to you, as the chiefs of these Germanic tribes and even as Attila himself, to lead your tribesmen to break Rome’s defenses, scatter its armies and secure the survival of your people.


Erik Toor

Hey guys! My name’s Erik and I’m currently a First Year at the University of Virginia. I’ve been doing Model UN since the end of my Freshman year in High School. I’m extremely excited to chair VICS XXII and look forward to an exciting weekend of debate. Make sure to prepare for committee and I look forward to working with you all this spring. Feel free to email me at to ask questions about committee, MUN, or just to say hi.

Crisis Director

Alexander Moree

I’m Alex and I’m a fourth year student from Springfield, Virginia. I study Foreign Affairs and Russian/Eastern European Studies. I’ve organized crisis simulations for students in Kyrgyzstan and served as a Crisis Director at VICS 21 and VAMUN 36. Besides IRO, I’m a Trip Leader for Outdoors at UVA and I love backpacking in the Shenandoah. My hobby is traveling to foreign countries and learning their languages. I’m currently learning my 7th language, Mongolian. If you have any questions about the committee, feel free to reach me at