The Directors Generals Good Offices

VICS is delighted to offer the Directors General’s Good Offices as an ad-hoc-committee for the second year in a row! The DGGO serves as another way for experienced delegates to be pushed to their limits as they deal with challenging and innovative issues. The delegates who participate will not be given any information regarding the topic of committee or the nature of the committee itself until shortly before the conference. This committee will be fast moving and require adaptability to a variety of situations that may occur. Being ready for anything will be vital and will help create a fun and challenging environment for both the delegates and and the dais.


Michelle Wang

Michelle Wang is a fourth year from Herndon, Virginia studying Computer Science and Marketing. She has been involved with Model UN since her freshman year of high school. Throughout her Model UN career, she has chaired four committees and served as SG of VAMUN XXXV, our high school conference. Outside of academics, Michelle loves to travel, try new foods, and cook! She is extremely excited for her last VICS and can’t wait for a wild weekend of debate and surprises.



Crisis Director

Joshua Barklow

Joshua Barkow is a fourth year from Miami, Florida studying Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia. He has done Model UN since his freshman year of high school and was previously the Head Delegate for the University. Joshua crisis-directed DGGO at last year’s VICS and has previously chaired the Kitchen Cabinet and Los Pollos Hermanos (Breaking Bad). When not in class, he enjoys trivia competitions, watching Netflix, and brushing up on the Middle East. Josh is very excited for his last VICS and hopes delegates are ready for a weekend of excitement and subversion.