The Global War on Terror: CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Committee on Af-Pak Relations is a group designed to tackle the issues at hand in Afghanistan and Pakistan regarding terrorist organizations and relations with the Afghani and Pakistani governments. This committee begins at the start of 2003, and will work directly with the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence in a relationship that is driven by both mutual and individual interests. The CIA’s main goals in this crisis committee will primarily be sorting out relations with the ISI to deal with al Qaeda and the Taliban in the quickly-changing landscape of South Asia.

Centered in Islamabad, Pakistan and starting in the beginning of 2003, this joint-crisis committee is based on efforts by the CIA AfPak Operations Group and the ISI amidst the Global War on Terror. Coming into this committee, both the CIA and ISI have very distinct agendas and converge from different angles. Unlike most joint-crisis committees, however, these two committees are not diametrically opposed; it is in both of their interests to coordinate with each other on certain fronts. This rigorous, fast paced JCC will confront the often unsteady relationship between the CIA and the ISI, the role of the Taliban in the region, and the predominance of terrorism and its changing faces in 21st century South Asia.


Adam Kimelman

Adam Kimelman is a second year pre-commerce student from Middletown, NY. Last VICS, and was a Vice Chair for the Spanish Nationalist side of the Spanish Civil War JCC, and also enjoys regularly traveling with the Model UN team. Besides the International Relations Organization, Adam enjoys being a part of the College Republicans, the Washington Society, the Roosevelt Society, and the Flash Seminars Planning Team. He can be found talking about politics, listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack, cheering on UVA at any sporting event, or with his head in a book in the library. Adam can neither confirm nor deny that Zero Dark Thirty is his favorite movie.

Adam is beyond excited to be Chairing the CIA half of this JCC, and can’t wait until March. He excited for the potential that this committee has, and is looking forward to making this a fun yet dynamic committee for everyone involved!


Crisis Director

Anna Higgins

Anna Higgins is a third-year Media Studies and Spanish double major and Foreign Affairs minor from Midlothian, Virginia. Outside of the International Relations Organization, Anna is a news writer for The Cavalier Daily, representative for the Legislative Affairs committee of Student Council, and a brother of honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi. Some fun facts about her are that she once was a crisis director for an ISI committee (ironically enough), studied abroad in Valencia, Spain, last spring, and spent last summer as a communications intern at the Clinton Foundation (read: talk to Anna about tapas, not Clinton Cash). In her free time, she loves to travel, listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, and take Buzzfeed quizzes that reveal deep truths about her personality. She is excited to work with the delegates, crisis directors, and chairs to make this JCC awesome!