Chinese Cyber Warfare Unit


This, I believe, should not come as a surprise to you. Our country is currently at the threshold of war. We now find ourselves in a position where we are not only defending territory in the South China Sea region, but also having to engage in ‘diplomatic talks’ which offer no sense of legitimacy whatsoever, and which are fixed in favor of the Western imperialists and their puppet states. However, I am writing to you because today our country finds itself up against enemies who have no name or face. Enemies who dwell the realm of the virtual web and have an arsenal of weapons that we are not yet prepared to take on have combined forces with our traditional rivals. We must not be complacent – it is not enough to simply respond to attacks. We must remember that the best defense is strong, vigilant offense. It is to that end that I cordially invite you: some of the brightest minds in the Chinese world of espionage and the most brilliant military personnel that the country has to offer to aid the country in this time of need. This circle of confidantes, respected delegates, will determine the future of the world, and shall write the fate of generations to come, and the history books of the 21st Century.

Be prepared to be the authors of that future,

Xi Jinping


Devansh Agarwal

Devansh Agarwal is currently a first year, hailing from Kolkata, India. He is currently in the College of Arts and Sciences and hopes to be a part of the McIntire School of Commerce in his years to come. Having been involved with Model UN and Debate throughout High School, Devansh decided to carry on his interests while at college through the IRO. VICS will serve as his first Dias experience at a college level MUN. In the past Devansh has been Secretary General for his own High School’s conference. When Devansh is not reading, listening to music, or browsing the depths of Netflix, he can be found at the Squash Courts at UVA.

Crisis Director

Pranav Jain

Pranav Jain is a fourth year hailing from Dubai, U.A.E. He is a Foreign Affairs and Economics double major. Having participated in MUNs since tenth grade, Pranav caters to his MUN addiction by means of the IRO, and is the Secretary General for the second IRO hosted Virginia Inter Generational Model United Nations. On the rare occasions when he isn’t trapped in his room aggressively punching out essays, Pranav can be found having a go at table tennis, arguing about foreign affairs, or with his eyes locked on an ebook on his phone.
He looks forward to seeing how the delegates react to the various crises he throws at them, in one of the most explosive regions of the world, and with one of the most intricate geopolitical balances ever seen, and hopes to frequently jog between the committee and crisis rooms to give out updates, and carry out the occasional assassination or two. He hopes that the delegates shall all be prepared for what he throws their way, as he wants to go away from the college MUN life with a bang.