The committees for VICS XXIV have not yet been selected, but will be during the fall of 2018. Feel free to look at the amazing committees from VICS XXIII which are listed below! The password to open the documents is “SicSemperSobriety”.

Ad-Hoc Committees


Secretary General's Good Offices

Director General's Good Offices


Joint Crisis Committees


Blow, Bullets, and Blood: Medellin

Blow, Bullets, and Blood: Cali


Catalan Secession: Catalonia

Catalan Secession: Spain


Historical Committees

French Revolution: The First Republic

Partitioning the Ottoman Empire

The Qing Dynasty: 1895

Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq: 2003

Curtin Government: Australia 1941

Indian Cabinet: Sino-Indian War of 1962

Contemporary Committees

United Nations Disability Rights Convention

Qatari Government Diplomatic Crisis

Scottish National Parliament 2018

Fantasy Committees



The Final Frontier: 2159