The committees for VICS XXV are still in the process of being developed. The following committees are from last year, just to give an idea of former topics.

Ad-Hoc Committees


Secretary General's Good Offices

Director General's Good Offices


Joint Crisis Committees


Global Espionage: China National Security Council

Global Espionage: US National Security Council


Historical Committees

Clans and Revolution: Jacobite Uprising in Scotland

We're the Exception: Uniting the Mongols

Fall of the Spanish Empire: Bolivar's Revolution

Second Sino-Japanese War: Second United Front

Iraq-Iran War: Iraqi Cabinet

The Alexandrian Threat: Court of Darius III

Contemporary Committees


Empire State of Mind: Yankee Global Enterprises

Hyperinflation, Handguns, and House Arrest: 2017 Zimbabwe Coup D'Etat


Duterte's War on Drugs: Filipino Cabinet

The Financial Iliad: The Greek Financial Crisis 2010


Future and Fantasy Committees


Conflict in the Cold: Future Resources in the Arctic

Game of Thrones: The Great Council of 101 AC