We're the Exception: Uniting the Mongols

The year is 1240. Under the Great Khan Ogedei, the Mongols advanced to invade Rus’, China and Eastern Europe. Delegates will be tasked with upholding the prestige of Mongolian rule, while also dealing with the difficulties of maintaining peace between Mongolian ruled nations. In this age of uncertainty, it is crucial to remain in power without disrespecting cultural sovereignty. The power and immensity of the Mongolian empire continues to grow as it reaches near world domination. Members of this committee must find a way to unite the empire as it grows in size, number and cultural depth. If they fail, the largest empire in human history could come crashing down.


Chair | Lisette Dubow

Lisette is a first year from Princeton, New Jersey. She is undecided about her major, but hopes to figure that out soon. She really loves card games because she is really good at winning them. Lisette hopes to see a lot of exciting and creative delegates at VICS XXIV and can't wait to drink some horse blood.


Crisis Director | Polly Keim

Polly Keim is a first year from Tampa, FL intending to study public policy and economics. When she’s not doing stuff for MUN, you can catch her dancing, hanging in Alderman library maps room, and drinking horse blood. Paulina credits her love of the Mongols to 10th grade world history and can’t wait to see what the delegates bring to the table!