Partitioning the Ottoman Empire

It is January 1915. Six months ago, the errant spark of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination set the powder keg that was Europe aflame. It is now embroiled in a war the likes of which the world has never seen–A War to End All Wars, as some are calling it. The powers of the Triple Entente clash against those of the Central Powers to determine who this new century will belong to, and there is no end in sight. Regardless, the nations of the Entente are already looking ahead, planning for the world that will follow. They look upon the Ottoman Empire, the sick man of Europe, like a pack of hounds, each intending to make off with the greatest share of the spoils. Each must take care that their divisions do not alienate the allies they depend upon for victory, for this war is far from one, and that their allies do not emerge too powerful, for if there is one truth to glean from the history of Europe, it is that a friend is only a friend until the next conflict.


Chair | Maggie Servais

Maggie is a second-year from Morristown, New Jersey hoping to study Leadership and Public Policy or Government. She began participating in Model UN in eighth grade, continuing to compete throughout high school. At UVA, Maggie has served as both Vice Chair and Assistant Crisis Director for VAMUN, as well as Vice Chair for VICS. She is incredibly excited to chair a committee for VICS this year! Outside of IRO, Maggie is an associate news editor and reporter for the student newspaper and member of the club running team. She loves getting into political debates and seeking solutions to modern policy problems as well as pretending those problems don’t exist by watching Game of Thrones. Maggie loves to eat and travel and spend time in Northern Michigan.


Crisis Director | Jake Barber

I’m Jake, and I’m a Third Year Foreign Affairs and Linguistics double major with a German minor. I stumbled upon Model UN after transferring to UVA in Spring 2017, working as a staffer in VICS XXII, and later as an Assistant Crisis Director for VAMUN XXXVII. When not involved in Model UN, I spend most of my time reading and learning languages. If you have any questions for me about the conference, MUN, or life in general, please feel free to send me at email at