The Alexandrian Threat: Court of Darius III

The year is 333 BC, and the forces of Alexander the Great are rallying for an invasion of Asia Minor, the entry point to an invasion of the entire Persian empire. Darius III, the Persian emperor, along with his court in Persepolis and satraps of the lower satrapies must develop a strategy to repel the Macedonian force. Though Persia has a much larger force and the advantage of defense, the Macedonians under Alexander have momentum and superior tactics on their side.


Chair | John Kothmann

John is a first year at the University, likely studying computer science, he is also a member of the VIGMUN secretariat and staffing VAMUN as well. He is a huge fan of all MUN-related activities and foreign affairs, and has been involved in MUN throughout his high school career. His other interests include computer science (obviously) and chemistry, and he is also a big fan of debate societies. He looks forward to his first experience chairing a conference with VICS.


Crisis Director | Sean Rehani

Sean is a second year computer engineering major, with potential minors in BME and business. He has competed in MUN in both high school and college, and is excited to be chairing his first committee! When Sean isn't grinding out never-ending problem sets, you can find him catching up on the news, trying to get swole, being mediocre at Rainbox Six, or complaining about how Game of Thrones is vastly inferior to the books.