Global Espionage: China National Security Council

In a political climate with intensifying hostility and distrust, all signs of danger have turned underground. There is no clear superpower in the world anymore, prompting existing and burgeoning ones to try to exert influence and gain advantage on one another, largely through espionage and technological warfare. China, one of the rising powers, has increasingly become the enemy in the eyes of traditional Western powers. Despite the seemingly unbreakable economic ties between US and China in current global economy, their relationship has begun to fall apart under their respective leaderships, both in explicit public addresses and beneath the surface, where an invisible battle is rapidly unfolding. Over the last decade, China has seen increased US infiltration and has taken countermeasures accordingly, such as hacking (the extent of which only China knows). In the committee, you shall be the ones pulling the strings of this puppet show, the masterminds behind it all.


Chair | Kat Jonkers

Kat is a first year who wants to major in public policy and also philosophy or economics. She first got involved in Model UN her junior year of high school. When she’s not busy with school (or instead of it), she keeps up with the news, volunteers for campaigns and then distracts herself by watching Stephen Colbert and West Wing, working on art, and planning her next trip. She can’t wait to chair the JCC and see your exciting and creative approaches to the topic!


Crisis Director | Wendy Wang

Wendy is a second year at the College, studying a mish-mash of stuff before she has to declare a major, either business or something related to healthcare. She has been involved in Model UN since high school, and found her true self with CDing. She's fascinated by horror and grotesque aesthetics, also a huge fan of Heath Ledger. Predictable things are no fun!! For the conference ,she looks forward to a productive weekend providing you with challenging crises, and is excited to receive your amazing responses.