Catalan Secession: Catalonia

Welcome Catalans to the fight for our rightful freedom. For too long, Catalonia has been restricted by the selfish Spanish government. The silence and stripping of our culture during the fascist regime of Francisco Franco for thirty six years is still fresh in our minds, and although the current Spanish government led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy claims to have restored our autonomy, it is simply not enough; we are a strong nation with one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean Sea, a thriving economy due to our successful factories and our beautiful tourist-attracting Barcelona, and our own beautiful language. We have always recognized our worth; it is time to make Spain and the rest of the world recognize it as well.


Chair | Jordan Chapman

Jordan Chapman is a second year in the College of Arts and Sciences planning to major in Environmental Science. She has done Model UN since middle school, and is interested in current events, politics, 90’s music, comic books, and environmental issues. It is her hope that this committee is as enjoyable as possible for all participants.


Crisis Director | Sam Lisner

Sam Lisner is a first year student in the College of Arts and Sciences from Virginia Beach.  While Sam is undecided about his possible major(s), he is currently exploring the possibility of applying to the McIntire School of Commerce after his second year.  In addition to business, Sam’s interests range from history to bad science fiction films, and, of course, politics.  Since joining the International Relations Organization at UVA, Sam has competed with the travel model UN team and served as an assistant crisis directer at VAMUN.  Having visited Barcelona a few years ago, Sam is excited to see how the delegates represent the interests of the culturally, and economically, rich region.