Curtin Government: Australia 1941

Gentlemen, Welcome to the new Australian Government. From now on, the paper-pushing you accomplish will constitute some of your life’s most valuable work. Australia was among the first to defend the free world against Nazi Germany. Since then, our soldiers have fought bravely in North Africa, Greece, and Western Europe. Save for a few victories, our efforts have not been enough. Though we stand against Nazi aggression, being far away from the battles in Africa and Europe allow a certain degree of complacency. We lack a strong war industry, and we do not have the manpower, tools, or logistical capability to hold our own militarily. Our society has yet to address numerous uncomfortable questions. Understand that our enemies will not wait for us to solve these issues at a comfortable pace. Italy and Germany continue to ravage Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Imperial Japan – increasingly starved of resources and drunk on pride – has cast its gaze on the South Pacific. Distance is no longer on our side.

As the world enters a new phase of this global conflict, we can no longer afford to be complacent. We must build our war industry, expand our armed forces, and prepare the Australian people for increasingly difficult times. I trust you all understand the importance of your task.


John Curtin


Chair | Liam Kraft

Liam Kraft is a fourth year from the illustrious New England paradise of New Fairfield, Connecticut. Majoring in Foreign Affairs and Economics, Liam previously served as President of the International Relations Organization (IRO) at U.Va., VICS’s parent organization, as well as Head Delegate of UVA’s travel MUN team. Over the course of his four years at VICS, Liam has served as a Crisis Director every year except for this one. His favorite VICS memory thus far was when he was Crisis Director for the Governorship of Jamaica, 1670 at VICS XXI (aka “that basically Pirates of the Caribbean committee”). Outside of all things international affairs, Liam enjoys playing racquet sports, basketball, exploring Charlottesville’s many incredible restaurants, and dreaming of spending his time traveling to random foreign countries. VICS has been one of Liam’s top experiences at UVA and he is excited to spend his last one in the heat of debate in the committee room this time.


Crisis Director | Nicholas Mortensen

Nicholas Mortensen is a second year from Alexandria, Virginia. He is enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences and hopes to major in Global Security and Justice. Having spent most of his life twenty minutes (traffic permitting) away from the Pentagon, Nicholas has a particular interest in military doctrine and foreign affairs, and aspires to spend his life working in both fields. Outside of Model UN, Nicholas works on podcasts with the Global Inquirer, and tries – but usually fails – to make some time to play XCOM.”