Fall of the Spanish Empire: Bolivar's Revolution

Once, the Spain dominated the Western world. Controlling a vast majority of the New World colonies, the Spanish Empire reaped the benefits of America's resources and grew to be the richest country in the world. But, that time has passed. With each passing decade, Spain's dominance becomes increasingly a memory of the past. Now, it's 1810, and challengers in Latin America want to eradicate Spanish influence. Specifically, Simon Bolivar of Venezuela inspires revolutionaries to defeat their proclaimed oppressors by any means necessary. Delegates to Bolivar's Independence Coalition, you now have the fate of their people in their hands. Will you end centuries of Spanish control of your people? Or, will the Monarchy of Madrid reinstate its supremacy?


Chair |Matt Heller

Matt is a first year studying history and foreign affairs, coming (regrettably) from New Jersey. Outside of VICS, he spends his time debating people, reading about obscure historical figures, and telling himself he won't be as lazy tomorrow. He has been involved in MUN since High School, and is very excited to chair the committee on South American Revolution and hopes all the delegates enjoy it, and as well to take the opportunity to remind people that he's been to Peru before.

Crisis Director | Sarah Rocca