The Qing Dynasty: 1895

1895 is a year of turmoil and humiliation for the ever-weakening Qing Dynasty. Having lost the Sino-Japan war, the emperor and his fellow ministers struggled to maintain the country. The political system at home is not preferable either: individuals littered from one end of the political spectrum to the other, and ministers are fighting amongst themselves to claim power. National finance is strained due to the excessive reparations and public discontent is on the rise. Foreign forces are interested in their share of profit of the crumbling dynasty. It is truly a time of destruction or survival. The committee will be faced with this dire situation, and while addressing the crises decide the path the dynasty will settle on.


Chair | Josh Zabin

Josh is a second-year student majoring in Chinese and Middle Eastern studies. He was born in San Diego, CA, and lived for a time in Boston, MA, but graduated from high school in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has a passion for learning languages and currently speaks Chinese and Indonesian, alongside learning Persian. Outside of these academical pursuits, Josh enjoys debating American and international politics, and cooking international cuisine. You can find him enjoys the outdoors and is shooting for the Cavalier Daily. He looks forward to meeting everyone at VICS XXIII


Crisis Director | Wendy Wang

My name is Wendy Wang and I’m currently a first year at University of Virginia in College of Arts and Sciences This is my first time being a crisis director at VICS. I am from Shanghai, China, and am continuing my passion for MUN into collegiate level. I hope that you’ll find this committee as exciting as I do, and hopefully see a different version of Chinese history during that time period.