French Revolution: The First Republic

This committee will place delegates at the beginning of one of the most important events in human history. On June 17th, 1789 the National Assembly of France was proclaimed, and the first cracks in Europe’s most powerful monarchy began to show. Delegates will take the roles of famous French (wo)men from the whole political spectrum, from the most stringent royalists to Robespierre himself, and vie for personal and factional power within the storm of Revolution, while attempting to avoid becoming alienated on the extremes and being subjected to La Guillotine. The delegates will also at times be forced to forge consensus, for too much division will fan the flames of popular revolt and chaos may entice enemies abroad. If the Revolution is successful in uniting the people behind a common idéologie, or the Monarchy can manage to hijack fervor for its own purposes, who is to say how far the armies of France will march? Moscow, perhaps?


Chair | Katya Sankow

Katya Sankow is a second year Russian and Eastern European studies major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She enjoys everything along the lines of art and music, Soviet literature, Mediterranean food, and dogspotting (it’s a lifestyle). Outside of VICS, Katya is IRO’s Member-at-Large, a researcher for the Global Inquirer, the New Brownie Liaison for Brown College, volunteers weekly at The Haven, and is a VISAS language consultant. She is excited to chair her first VICS committee, and looks forward to an enticing conference.


Crisis Director | Noah Martini

Noah Martini is 19 and a second year prospective History and Foreign Affairs double major at UVa. He has been part of IRO since Fall 2016 and participated in 4 MUN conferences. He worked at the US Consulate in Vienna, Austria and the US Mission to the UN Organizations in Vienna for 10 months over 4 years. He speaks Spanish, German, French, and Arabic to varying degrees and is a professional ski instructor.