Catalan Secession: Spain

Spain has been a united nation for many years – at least on the surface. Despite the best efforts of the Castilian majority in the heart of the country to keep the conglomeration of regions, from the Basque region to Andalusia, together, the oft-rebellious Catalonia has moved to demand independence – and secession – from the Kingdom of Spain. Driven by the memory of the Spanish Civil War and the second-largest city in the country, Barcelona, the Catalan population is chafing for change, especially in the wake of aggressive police intervention at the seemingly-peaceful votes. Delegates in this Joint Crisis Committee will play off of one another – one side Spanish, the other Catalan – and see if they can find a viable path to keep the Spanish union together – or bring about its end. Delegates will have to navigate a complex web of political, social, economic, and international consequences to their decisions as they choose to clamp down on the Catalan Independence Movement. Should Catalonia manage to secede, they will also have to deal with the messy divorce of the region from the Spanish heartland, as well as the potential breakups from the various other regions comprising Spain. Indeed, the people of Spain are growing restless with the uncertainty surrounding the future of their nation, and it will be up to the delegates of this committee to begin penning the next chapter in the story of the Spanish experiment.


Chair | Rohan Ahluwalia

Rohan is a third-year at the University, currently majoring in Economics and History. Originally from New Delhi, India, he has split his life between living there and McLean, Virginia. Outside of IRO, Rohan is a member of the Jefferson Society and is the Prime at the International Residential College. He rabidly follows Manchester United and basically all DC Sports teams – in addition, of course, to the Indian National Cricket team. Rohan is very excited to use his past experience in MUN in order to craft a great committee on perhaps one of the most fascinating, and important, topics on the news today.


Crisis Director | Eve Immonen

Hi my name is Eve Immonen and I’m a 4th Year at UVa studying English and Public Policy. As an English major, my first choice for VICS was a committee reenacting an 19th century novel, but then Secretariat told me I was the only one who had read Moby Dick 3 times. Here at UVa I’m involved in a pro-bono consulting organization, I am a TA for a leadership class, and I enjoy building fires that may or may not meet safety regulations in my humble Range room (41 West!). A lot of my basis for this committee is For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, so we’ll see how it goes. This is my second year doing VICS but I’ve loved being a part of college Model UN and meeting nerdy, passionate people from other schools (friend me on LinkedIn!)