Global Espionage: US National Security Council

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." One thing is certain: that the art of war is changing. Human-to-human interaction is no longer the median for war as countries have shifted more towards tactile drone strikes and cyberspace. The advent of espionage and technological warfare has evened the playing field for many countries. Still, two stand far above the rest of the playing field: the U.S. and China. Despite the seemingly unbreakable economic ties between the two, their relationship has begun to deteriorate under their respective leaderships -- both in explicit public addresses and beneath the surface -- as an invisible battle is rapidly unfolding. In this committee, you will get to take part as a close advisor to the President, as the United States works to maintain its position as the dominant global force.


Chair | Daniel Nakasone

Daniel Nakasone is a second year from Maryland studying economics. When he's not doing MUN related activites, you can find him either playing the piano, watching Hulu, recovering from VAMUN, or contemplating what it would be like to go on a run. He is the treasurer of the Pro-Life Club at UVA and one of the founder's of the Defense and National Security CIO. He is very excited to be the Chair for the US National Security Council and hopes that everyone will enjoy the committee!


Crisis Director | Matthew Scheffel

Matt is a second year studying Economics and Spanish from Baltimore, MD. When he's not helping out at VICS, you can find him drying tears off his Calculus 2 tests or throttling his computer during CS homework. Other activiites he finds pleasurable are running (does he really though?) and working ridiculously long hours into the night in an attempt to destroy his circadian rhythms. He is ready to help lead the US in the great cyber security battle against the Chinese and looks forward to meeting all of the committee members!