The Final Frontier: 2159

Space, the final frontier. These are the chronicles of the last years of the Earth-Romulan War, a battle that has raged in space between the Romulan forces and the coalition of Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar. Both sides have nearly exhausted themselves, and the time has come to discuss a postwar galactic order. The coalition forces have met to discuss how to end the war and how to move forward to establish lasting peace in the Alpha Quadrant. It is up to you, delegates, to decide how this war will end and what the galaxy will look like in the aftermath. But take care – treachery abounds, and the Romulans will do anything to prevent the alliance from succeeding. Only you can determine the fate of this fragile alliance and the nascent galactic organization, and boldly go where no committee has gone before…


Chair | Austin Gogal

Austin Gogal is a fourth-year from Falls Church, VA, majoring in History through the College of Arts and Sciences. His passion with International Relations stems from exploring historical events and the effect that they hold on current political and societal realities. He also has a keen interest in current politics both of the United States and of other countries, along with their contrast to historical political structures. Outside of IRO, Austin is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Council’s Diversity Initiatives Committee, and a member of the Rethink Education Program through HackCville. He also loves philosophical and political debates, playing basketball and hiking, and board and video games based around strategy.


Crisis Director | Elizabeth Reid

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Final Frontier: 2159. My name is Elizabeth Reid, and I’ll be your crisis director for the weekend. I’m a fourth year studying Government and Archaeology and hope to go to law school some day. I’ve been doing Model UN since my second year at UVA, and I’m excited to finally be a crisis director for my last VICS. I am a huge Star Trek nerd and will happily debate anyone on whether Kirk or Picard is better (I won’t tell you which side I’m on, you’ll have to ask). I’m looking forward to a great weekend and what I hope will be one of the most entertaining committees you’ll be a part of on the circuit. Live Long and Prosper.