Scottish National Parliament 2018

Congratulations, my fellow revolutionaries! It’s November 17, 2018, the first meeting of an independent Scottish parliament (well, kinda). Several challenges lie ahead of this parliament, including rejoining the European Union, reorganizing administrative capabilities of the government, and several external developments (specifically the fact that the United Kingdom still recognizes themselves as having control over Scotland). In this committee, as members of parliament, you are tasked with determining the future of Scotland. Whether Scotland descends into chaos or reemerges stronger than ever, it is up to you.

TL;DR: you guys are an independent Scottish parliament. You achieved independence through declaration. The UK doesn’t recognize your independence. Sound familiar?


Chair | Will Krag

Will Krag is a first year student at the University of Virginia, double majoring in Economics and Foreign Affairs. Will travels extensively with the University’s collegiate Model United Nations team and is an active member in the team’s parent organization, IRO. Will is also a member of the Washington Debate and Literary Society and the University Democrats here at UVA. In the winter, Will will compete with VASST, the University’s Club Alpine Ski Team.


Crisis Director | Ishaan Veen

Ishaan is a first year in the College planning to study commerce and computer science from Washington, D.C. Outside of VICS, Ishaan is a member of UVA’s Model UN travel team. Having done Model UN since high school, Ishaan has a fair bit of experience in Model UN. Outside of UVA’s International Relations Organization (parent organization of VICS), he miserably roots for Washington sports teams and  plays intramural basketball. He really appreciates creativity in committee and outrageously funny yet effective arcs. Ishaan is really looking forward to see what direction you guys push for committee to go in.