Hyperinflation, Handguns, and House Arrest: 2017 Zimbabwe Coup D'Etat

37 years have passed since the end of Ian Smith's Rhodesia and the accession of Robert Mugabe, along with what is now the ZANU-PF, after years of struggle.

Once again, Zimbabwe is in a political struggle for power. Grace Mugabe, Robert Mugabe's wife, is next in line for the presidency, having dismissed Emmerson Mnangagwa, the heir-apparent, for political power. Rising anti-Mugabe sentiments have been brewing, spurred on by cries for fair elections and an end to the economic plight of Zimbabwe. A now exiled Mnangagwa, along with key members of the military and anti-Mugabe actors, will descend upon Zimbabwe in what will become a defining moment in its history. Will military action result in a transition to the people's rule? Will it result in a military junta? Or will the Mugabes be able to maintain their grip on Zimbabwean politics?

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Chair | Raleigh Zook

Raleigh Zook is a fourth-year from Ashland, Virginia. She is majoring in Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies. She has staffed, vice-chaired and chaired VAMUN and VICS Model UN conferences since her first-year. She is President of the Alexander Hamilton Society, an English tutor for a Skype Syrian refugee program, and a Language Consultant for the VISAS program where she helps build English communication skills with international students. She is looking forward to chairing the Hyperinflation, Handguns, and Housearrest: The 2017 Zimbabwean Coup D'etat committee for VICS this year!


Crisis Director | Mohit Srivastav

Mohit is a first year who is probably going to study Physics and Computer Science. Mohit likes Paradox games, Civ, tennis, Tae Kwon Do, and is a major history buff. He has done MUN in high school, and is looking forward to immersing all of you in the mystical world of Zimbabwe in 2017.