Conflict in the Cold: Future Resources in the Arctic

The year is 2019. After a freak accident in the Arctic resulted in the need for an internationally coordinated rescue, talk on the plight caused by global warming has been reignited. As a result, the First Annual Conference On Limiting Destruction Within Arctic Regions (COLDWAR) has been assembled. Delegates will be tasked with protecting their populations, resources and interests as well as containing and reversing the damage already done to the Arctic.


Chair | Taylor Williams

Taylor is a third year from Oregon double majoring in foreign affairs and math. When she's not in class or doing homework, she enjoys kickboxing, lively debate, and watching Netflix. Taylor was invested in MUN in high school and enjoyed her experience staffing VICS last year. She is excited to work with this committee to have another great conference!


Crisis Director | Jordan Chapman

Jordan is studying environmental science and is really into comic books, trees and 90's alternative music. She's done MUN since middle school, though this will be her second time serving as a CD, and her first time doing so for VICS.