Indian Cabinet: Sino-Indian War 1962

It’s 1962, just fifteen years after we wrested our independence from the British. Keeping a government afloat has been hard, but it’s about to become even more difficult. Adding onto the social and political problems in our nation is a geographical fight for land at our northern border.

We began our time as a new nation with cordial relations between us and another emerging nation in the Eastern Hemisphere – China. In fact, we were among the first nations to grant diplomatic relations to the People’s Republic of China. As our nations continued to grow, we invariably encountered conflicts over territories between our two countries, such as Tibet and Aksai Chin. We have attempted to find many peaceful solutions to these border disputes, such as declaring the McMahon Line as our official border in 1950. Again in 1954, we further extended the hand of friendship to China in negotiating the Five Principles of Peaceful Existence, which presented a potential frontier map that China accepted. But despite these many affirmations of our desire for friendly diplomatic relations with China, they continue to perceive India as a threat to their rule in Tibet. As a result, China has now incited a dangerous territorial conflict with our nation, and it is our responsibility to resolve this issue in India’s best interest.


Chair | Roma Chitko

Hi delegates!

My name is Roma Chitko and I am a first year at UVA, planning on double majoring in Global Development Studies and Chemistry. Although it is my first year in IRO, I have been involved with MUN since my freshman year of high school, from competing at national conferences to directing crisis committees at my school’s own conference. Besides IRO, I love working with kids at a daycare center through Madison House. I also volunteer for Building Experiences, a community building non-profit in downtown Charlottesville, where I occasionally tutor in chemistry. In my free time you can usually find me bingeing Modern Family (even though I’ve seen every episode at least five times), watching cheesy rom coms, or just chilling in my hammock.

I am beyond excited to be chairing this committee, and I look forward to meeting all of you!


Crisis Director | Richa Gupta

Hi, delegates! My name is Richa Gupta and I’m a first year from Ashburn, Virginia. I’ve been passionate about Model UN for about four years now, and crisis has always been my favorite. I intend to major in Economics with a second major that fluctuates from Statistics to Foreign Affairs on a daily basis. Other than academics and Model UN, I spend my time reading, debating on UVA’s Moot Court team, and re-watching the Office. I’m also a total foodie, so you can find me on the Corner or at the Downtown Mall trying new food. I look forward to seeing all your creating ideas in action in March!