Duarte's War on Drugs: Filipino Cabinet

It’s July 1, 2016, and President Duterte has just been sworn into office. He has vowed to purge the Philippines of drugs by killing everyone involved. He promises to kill the criminals and urges his fellow citizens to follow his personal led to exterminate any possible drug addicts. When he was mayor of Davao, extrajudicial killings were the norm and he was linked to the Davao Death Squad, which murdered petty criminals, drug users and street children. Within days people will be left for dead in the streets after being slain after dark. It’s up to the cabinet members to decide what to do… are you up to the task?


Chair | Kate Rutman

Kate is a fourth year studying Environmental Science and Foreign Affairs. Outside of Model UN, Kate runs for "fun," barbecues in her backyard with friends, and is a brother of the chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma. Ask her about the six continents she's traveled to.


Crisis Director |Alexandra Galina

Alexandra is a second year originally from Long Island, New York. She is studying biomedical engineering. When she’s not cramming for an exam she’s found skiing on some mountain or watching Netflix. She’s participated in Model UN since high school and is really excited to be the crisis director of Duterte’s war on drugs!