Iran-Iraq War: Iraqi Cabinet

In the wake of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iraq--led by its newly-instated ruler Saddam Hussein--launches a daring invasion of its eastern neighbor over control of Iran's oil-rich western coastal province of Khuzestan and the east bank of the vital Shatt al-Arab waterway, Iraq's sole link to the Persian Gulf. For Iran, emboldened though weakened by its successful revolution and disposal of the dictatorial Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the war is one of national survival; for Iraq, inspired by its bold and charismatic leader, the war is an attempt to prove itself on the world stage and rectify decades of territorial and political disputes with its larger neighbor. Your job as delegates will be to navigate this conflict and aid in Iraq's quest to bolster its regional power. Failure could lead not only to the fall of the regime, but Iraq's domination by its long-standing rivals.


Chair | Richa Gupta

Hi, delegates! My name is Richa Gupta and I’m a second year from Ashburn, Virginia. I’ve been passionate about Model UN for about five years now, and crisis has always been my favorite. I intend to double major in Economics and Computer Science. Other than academics and Model UN, I spend my time reading, debating on UVA’s Moot Court team, giving tours as part of the Unviersity Guide Service, and re-watching the Office. I’m also a total foodie, so you can find me on the Corner or at the Downtown Mall trying new food, or consuming copious amounts of pie. I look forward to seeing all your creating ideas in action in March!


Crisis Director | Tadd Luhan

Tadd is a third-year from Northern Virginia majoring in Foreign Affairs, with a minor in Russian. This is his first year participating in IRO and his first experience with MUN in general. He is looking forward to an enjoyable VICS conference and hopes all delegates particpating will find it to be a fun and rewarding experience. In his free time, Tadd enjoys reading, writing short fiction, and learning new languages. In addition to IRO, Tadd is also a writer and editor for the Cavalier Daily and has over five years of journalism experience in both newswriting and editing.