Secretary General

Sara Dalpe Sánchez is fourth year currently living in Morristown, New Jersey, but originally from Málaga, Spain. She is a double major in Psychology and Spanish, and hopes to earn her doctorate in forensic psychology in the future. If that doesn’t work out, she’ll probably adopt ~70 cats and form her own feline militia. This is her fourth year on VICS Secretariat: she started her VICS career as a Secretariat staffer for VICS XX, then as Under-Secretary General for Media & Design for VICS XXI, and then as Under-Secretary General for External Relations for VICS XXII last year. She is beyond excited to be Secretary General of VICS XXIII! You can contact Sara at

Chargé d’Affaires

Sam Rice is a Third Year at the University majoring in Commerce and minoring in Politics. When he’s not “studying,” he can be found watching Game of Thrones or House of Cards, reading science fiction, or arguing really pointless or obscure topics with his MUN friends. Sam has been in MUN since the beginning of high school and has been involved in every MUN conference during his time at UVA, serving as a Vice Chair, a Chair, and Director-General for both VIGMUN II and VICS XXII. Beyond MUN, Sam’s other major activity is Swim Club.

Director General 

Aniket Chandra is a second year who is currently studying Systems Engineering and Economics with an interest in foreign affairs and sports. He hails from the great city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He’s been involved with Model UN since High School and looks forward for the rest of his student life traveling the country and helping here at home! Whenever you’re looking for him, you’ll usually find him at Chick fil-A gulping down Chick fil-A sauce or on a field somewhere playing his first love, Football (Soccer for your Americans…) Feel free to contact him at

Director General

Aditya Seth is a second year in the College of Arts and Sciences going into the McIntire School of Commerce. Aditya is originally from Mumbai, India and is really passionate about foreign affairs and global politics. Outside of VICS, Aditya is also a frequent traveler on the Model UN team and serves on the Executive Board of Global Greeters. Outside the classroom, he can be found exploring fun places to eat in Charlottesville or looking up random facts online. He successfully chaired a committee at VICS last year and is very excited to use his experience as he takes on the role of Director General. Feel free to contact him at

Chief of Staff

Sam “Da Man” Prasad is a fourth year who hails from the snowy reaches of Buffalo, New York. He’s currently pursuing joint degrees in Biomedical and Environmental Engineering, while also somehow exploring Public Policy and Business at the same time. This is his first year on VICS Secretariat, but he’s been heavily involved in UVA IRO for two years now, including staffing, chairing, and crisis directing VAMUN and VICS. He can’t wait to wear fancy suits and help guide all of our new staffers! He can be reached at

Under-Secretary General for Logistics

Khrissa Chun is a third year Economics and Foreign Affairs double major from Woodbridge, Virginia. In the past, Khrissa has been a Crisis Director at VICS XXI and a Chair at VICS XXII. This is her first time on VICS Secretariat and she is ecstatic to be the Under Secretary General for Logistics. Now she can finally put her years of Microsoft Excel experience into practical use! VICS is her favorite event the entire year, and she cannot wait to meet all of you in the Spring. You can contact Khrissa at

Under-Secretary General for Media & Design

Andrea Eichenberger is a first year in the College of Arts and Sciences, from Richmond, VA. She (currently) hopes to major in Global Development Studies and complete a Masters of Public Policy. In addition to being USG of Media and Design for VICS, Andrea is also USG of Media and Publicity for VIGMUN, and USG of General Assemblies and Specialized Committees for VAMUN. Before coming to UVA, she was Secretary General of her high school’s conference for two years. Outside of Model UN, Andrea also loves playing and listening to music, painting, and watching TV instead of doing homework. She can’t wait for VICS XXIII! Andrea can be contacted at